Volume 29, Issue 4, 2020

DOI: 10.24205/03276716.2020.822

Population Explosion and the Environment in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Vietnam

The relationship between population and the environment in recent years has become a special concern for many countries and international organizations. Population growth is putting severe pressure on the global environment. The process of industrial activities has increasingly depleted resources, environmental pollution and the ultimate consequence is the degradation of the quality of life of the community. It’s time to change the way of thinking, perception of the world. How to prevent human-induced harm? How to develop to satisfy current needs without compromising the ability of future generations? How to keep resources and environment clean for the next generation? In this article, I explore how the population explosion affects the environment; solutions to limiting population growth as well as limiting environmental pollution in Vietnam.

Population explosion; environment; developing countries; Vietnam

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