Volume 29, Issue 4, 2020

DOI: 10.24205/03276716.2020.821

Correlations of HMGB1 and CRP with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Objective: To explore the correlations between high mobility group box 1 (HMGB1) and C-reactive protein (CRP) in serum of patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). Methods: A total of 103 patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) hospitalized in Department of Endocrinology, The Affiliated Jiangning Hospital of Nanjing Medical University from January to December 2017 were selected, including 55 males and 48 females. They were aged 38-81 years old, with an average of (59.70 9.36). According to whether peripheral neuropathy was complicated, the patients were divided into DPN group (n=43), DM group (n=34) and incipient DM group (ID group, n=26). Thirty healthy people with complete clinical data were selected as normal control group (Control group) through outpatient physical examinations. Gender, age, history of DM and smoking of all subjects were accurately recorded by detailed inquiry. Then their course of disease, smoking history, systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) were normatively measured and recorded in detail. Clinical indices such as biochemical indices and blood glucose and lipid levels were accurately determined and recorded. The concentrations of serum HMGB1 and CRP were detected by double antibody sandwich method and turbidimetry, respectively. Spearman’s correlation analysis was conducted to assess the correlations of concentrations of serum HMGB1 and CRP with clinical parameters. High-concentration HMGB1 and CRP were taken as exposure factors to explore the correlations with DPN. Results: The levels of serum HMGB1 and CRP in DPN, DM and ID groups were significantly higher than those in Control group (P<0.05), and they were significantly higher in DPN group than those in DM and ID groups (P<0.05). The serum HMGB1 level was positively correlated with fasting blood sugar (FBS), 2-hour postprandial blood glucose (2hPG), hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) and low-density lipoprotein levels (P<0.01), whereas negatively correlated with high-density lipoprotein (HDL) level. The serum CRP level exhibited positive correlations with HMGB1, FBS, 2hPG, HbA1c and triglyceride levels (P<0.05), but a negative correlation with HDL level (P<0.01). Conclusion: The serum levels of HMGB1 and CRP are significantly positively correlated in DM patients. The levels of serum HMGB1 and CRP in DPN patients significantly exceeded those in DM and ID patients, suggesting that abnormal increases in such levels may predict the occurrence of DPN.

high mobility group box 1; CRP; diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

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