Volume 29, Issue 4, 2020

DOI: 10.24205/03276716.2020.833

Research on The Influence Mechanism of Organizational Support on Job Performance in Private Enterprises: Based on The Mediating Effect of Psychological Capital

The primary purpose of this research is to research the inspiration mechanism of organizational support on job performance in all the private enterprises also research based on the mediating effect of psychological capital Research conducted in China. Data are based on primary information is collected through the questionnaires, and the nature of the study is quantitative research. The data were described by some using techniques such as descriptive test statistics, correlation matrix, and regression techniques run on SPSS software to test the hypotheses. Finding analysis through an explanation of variables such as organizational supports, organizational commitment, and motivation related to work shows that positive relation. According to regression, the research findings represent the overall important and optimistic association between administrative supports and job performance. This research uses some different variables, such as psychological capital, plays a part in mediating and its optimistic influence on organizational support factors and job performance. This research measure through the explanation of the mechanism of organizational support through the test and also research design framework. Results founded that overall, there is a positive influence among these job performances in private enterprises and the organizational activities. The research represents that psychological capital is an essential mechanism in understanding employees' job performance and its relationship.

Organizational Support, Psychological Capital, Job Performance, Inclusive Leadership, Organizational Commitment, Motivation to continue working

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