Volume 18, Issue 2

Intimate-Partner Violence in Salvadorian Women: Prevalence and sociodemographic risk factors

The purpose of this study has been to examine the frequency of nonphysical and physical abuse among heterosexual couples with a Salvadorian women sample, as well as to determine possible sociodemographic risk factors for both forms of abuse (including age, education level, employment status, marital status, population size by place of residence and religious practice). In order to do this, 640 Salvadorian women aging from 16 to 50 completed the Hudson and McIntosh's Index of Spouse Abuse. Results showed that approximately one out of every three participants had experienced nonphysical abuse by current partner, while one out of every five reported having experienced physical abuse. Both forms of abuse were more frequently reported among women with lower education levels, housewives and separated women. Implications of these findings are discussed in relation to existing research.

spouse physical abuse, spouse nonphysical abuse, sociodemographic variables, partner violence

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