Volume 18, Issue 2

Listening to Eating Disorder Patients about their Treatment

The eating disorders are diseases that are the focus of social and sanitary interest. During the last years the incidence of anorexia nervosa had increase and it's almost treated as an epidemic, where the diagnostic is late and there are multiple issues with its handling and some risks in its evolution. The purpose of this paper is to check the research and bibliography about the perception that patients have about their treatment, relating this results with real phrases of a research about the perception of the therapeutic alliance from adolescents suffering from eating disorders (Ovalle, Reid & Cruzat, 2008). The main findings show that the relation between the patient and the therapist, in other words, the appreciation that the patient has about the therapist regarding his expertise, the confidence and confidentiality he inspires and the effort and support of the therapist are proportional to the probability of success en the treatment results.

Eating disorders, perception about the treatment, therapeutic alliance, anorexia nervosa (AN)

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