Volume 22, Issue 2

Evaluation of the Quality of Life by Whoqol-bref in the Elderly Living in Multi-family Buildings in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara Jalisco

The objective of this study was to evaluate the quality of life in the elderly living in multi-family buildings in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara Jalisco by Whoqol-Bref, assessed 333 seniors using the instrument of quality of life Whoqol-Bref (2000), the General Health Questionnaire scale, Goldberg (1996), and an instrument of the housing conditions. Results obtained on the perception of the quality of life in your home, showed that although there were higher percentages in the dimensions: health physics (87.9%), ambient (85.8%), social relations (79.2%) and health psychological (72.0%) reflecting the 60.1% of older adults a good quality of life, identified older adults (13.2%) unsatisfied by their housing conditions increasing (41.7%) dissatisfaction and poor quality of life at the age (p = 0. 05), exist seniors (46.8%) considered their health regularly and in a 34.2% as good. These data can be inferred that the quality of life is conditioned by the satisfaction of older adults in relation to the housing conditions, to the age and State of physical and emotional health of the aging process.

quality of life; seniors; multifamily buildings; whoqol-bref

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