Volume 22, Issue 2

Adjectives Checklist to Assess Personality. Psychometric properties and normative data for a argentine population

In this paper we examine the psychometric properties and provide normative data for the AEP ""Adjectives Checklist to Assess Personality."" The AEP is an instrument developed in Argentina to assess the ""Big Five"" personality factors. A total of 1,680 participants residing in the city of Mar del Plata (Argentina) completed the AEP and a socio-descriptive questionnaire. The age range was between 18 to 89 years (M: 36.8, SD: 18.6), 68% were women. Results show a five-factor structure for the AEP and satisfactory levels of internal consistency for the resulting scales. Gender and age differences in accordance with previous literature were observed. We discuss the scope and limitations of the AEP in psychological assessment context.

personality, big-five factors, psychological assessment; AEP

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