Volume 22, Issue 2

Psychometric Properties of Diener’s Satisfaction with Life Scale

This paper analyzes the psychometric properties of the Satisfaction with life scale (SWLS) (Diener, Emmons, Larsen and Griffin, 1985) for an adult population of the City of Córdoba, Argentina. Internal consistency of the scale was evaluated in a sample of 580 Cordobese people aged between 18 and 47. A Cronbach's alpha value of .756 was obtained while the calculation of the principal components analysis resulted in a monofactorial solution which explains the 52% of total variance. An analysis of convergent validity was performed through the correlation evaluation of the SWLS, working satisfaction and psychological well-being, obtaining statistically significant values higher than .30. In conclusion, the SWLS presents appropriate psychometric properties for the studied population.

satisfaction whith life – psychometric properties – subjective well-being

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