Volume 22, Issue 2

Risk Factors, Severity and Bidirectionality of Violence in Dyads (caregiver-patient) in Parkinson’ Disease

Principal risk factors were determined for severity and directionality of violence in a sample 49-dyad of Parkinson's disease (PD). Demographic information was collected, the context of care and violence, and was divided according to severity and bidirectionality. According to severity, caregivers report 48.3% violence and 10.3% severe violence; Patients, 37.5% violence and 12.5% severe violence, 77.6% dyad reports reciprocal violence. The meaningful risk factors for severity and bidirectionality are: burden, economical violence, control over self and hostility. Reported data is the first of its type. Risks match literature reports about dyads, are situations that must be regularly assessed, as they could worsen violent conducts.

Risk factors, severity, and bi-directionality of violence in dyads (caregiver-patient) of Parkinson’s disease

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