Volume 23, Issue 1

Factors Affecting Therapeutic Compliance in the Psychological Treatment of Adult Victims of Sexual Aggression

The aim of this paper was to analyze the relevant variables in adult female victims of sexual aggression who refused or dropped out of psychological treatment. The sample consisted of 269 victims. An individual 12-session cognitive-behavioral programme was offered. Treatment refusal rate was 12.3% (n=33). Refusal was more likely when victims were immigrant, belonging to a low class or not having social support. Victims also refused treatment if they had a history of victimization. Treatment drop out rate was 27.5% (n=65). Drop out rate was related to the immigration, the lack of social support and the substance abuse of victims, but not related to specific psychopathological symptoms. Implications of this study for future research in this field are commented upon.

Sexual aggression, adult female victims, treatment refusal, treatment drop out, therapeutic compliance

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