Volume 23, Issue 1

Attachment Styles and Dyadic Empathy in Couples Among Emerging Adults

This study evaluated the association between attachment styles and dyadic empathy in its cognitive dimension (perspective taking) and emotional (empathic concern) among emerging adults (N = 393) who were in romantic relationships. The instruments used were the Experiences in Close Relationships (Brennan, Clark & Shaver, 1998) and the Interpersonal Reactivity Index for Couples (Peloquin & Lafontaine, 2010). Results show significant differences in dyadic empathy according to attachment styles. Individuals with secure attachment styles showed the highest levels of perspective taking, while fearful and dismissing styles the lowest. Regarding empathic concern, individuals with preoccupied styles expressed the higher scores and fearful and dismissing styles the lowest.

Attachment Styles – Dyadic empathy – Perspective taking – Empathic concern

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