Volume 23, Issue 1

A Decade after, What Do they Reveal the Chilean Studies About the Variable the Therapist? A literature review

Several studies give importance to the person of the therapist in the development of psychotherapy. In Chile, Moncada, Olivos and Rojas (2003) analyzed the empirical literature on the therapist between 1990 and 2002. The aim of this paper is to continue that analysis, looking for the Chilean production between 2003 and 2011. Sixteen articles of four journals related to this subject were found: six evaluated the relationship of therapist to patient, six go deeper into the therapist's view on elements of their work, four analyze the exhaustation and self-care, three address the training of psychotherapists. We conclude that although the number of articles is not significantly higher than the previous period, there is an evolution in their methodological design and focus of study.

psychotherapy research, psychoterapists, empirical articles, review

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