Volume 23, Issue 1

Influence Salutogenic and Pathogenic Factors on the Quality of Life of Colombian Adolescents

The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship of the factors salutogenic/pathogenic on the healthrelated quality of life in 40 adolescent students in Bogotá, Colombia. The study design was co relational ex post facto cross. The instruments used were: adolescent resilience scale ARS, self-transcendence scale STS, scale of satisfaction with social support ESSS, subjective happiness scale SHS, the youth life orientation test YLOT, children's depression inventory CDI, the KIDSCREEN-52. The results indicated high levels in salutogenic factors and low levels in pathogenic ones and an adequate quality of life. The multiple linear regression analysis showed that the physical and psychological, relationship with parents and school environment variables influence positively on salutogenic variables and negatively on pathogenic ones. In conclusion, the perceived the health-related quality of life in adolescents can be impaired by stress and depression, while happiness, social support and resilience are variable especially protecting the quality psychosocial and emotional level.

Health-related quality of life, salutogenic factors, pathogenic factors, adolescent

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