Volume 24, Issue 3

Relationship Between Core Beliefs in Personality Disorders and the Meaning of Life in University Students

The objective of this research was to determine the relation between the profile of the central beliefs of personality disorders and perceived sense of life in Colombia university students aged between 16 and 45 years of diverse races in the city of Bogota. The instruments used were: (1) Questionnaire core beliefs of personality disorders and (2) Scale dimensional sense of life. The sample consisted of 695 students, of whom 479 were women (68.9%) and 216 were men (31.1%). The results showed an insignificant relation between variables (personality disorder beliefs and way of life) which is because they are both multidimensional concepts (cognitive, affective and behavioral) that are interrelated and affect each other, which can not be define any given onedimensional. Also include the results considering that logoterapeutic perspective is evident in both variables noetic or spiritual dimension, which refers to the human capacity for freedom and personal resources, which allow you to counter the physical and psychological constraints that be affected. From this perspective, even if belief in personality disorders, the human being can resist the constraints that generate them and find ways of living. We conclude from this study, to have beliefs of personality disorders does not determine by itself have a low or high perceived sense of life.

logotherapy, personality disorders, meaning of life, university students

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