Volume 24, Issue 3

Retrospective Analysis of Religious Beliefs in Women with Affective Disorders Treated by Suicide Risk in a Psychiatry Service in Santiago de Chile

Socio-demographic and clinical characteristics are compared among women with affective disorder diagnosis and suicidality, treated in the Psychiatry Service of the Hospital del Salvador (SPHDS) in Santiago de Chile. The database of the SPHDS about women treated as outpatients between 2003 and 2010, was analyzed (n=214), comparing religious affiliation, suicidal risk type, affective disorder diagnoses, comorbidity with personality disorder and OQ 45.2 score. Non-believers treated patients were younger (M=38) than believers (M=39,36) They didn't differ in other sociodemographic or clinical characteristics, neither in presence or absence of suicidal ideation or attempts. The main difference found among women with affective disorder and suicidal risk was the greater severity of the clinical condition among the outpatient non-believers.

women, depression, religiosity, suicide, affective disorder

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