Volume 25, Issue 1

Lack of Influence of the Levels of Anxiety or Depression in the Quality of Life After Intervention of Hip or Knee Prosthesis

Objective: To study the influence of states of anxiety and depression on the quality of life (QL) during one year after surgery. Design: A longitudinal study was performed on 197 patients and whose QL had been measured (SF-12, EQ-5D, WOMAC questionnaires) and anxiety and depression (HADS questionnaire). Analysis: After demonstrating that the multi-level model was correct, with the measurement time points as first level and the patients as second, a multivariate model was fitted. Results: In bivariate analysis EVA rate (EQ-5D) was associated with the ""anxiety"" and ""depression"" and ""pain"" to ""depression"" but not ""anxiety"" or ""depression"" were significant in multilevel models. Conclusion: Neither anxiety or depression influence the evaluation of the physical quality of life after this surgery.

quality of life; anxiety; depression; multilevel analysis; longitudinal studies

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