Volume 25, Issue 1

Influence of Psychological Rehabilitation Training on the Negative Emotions and Life Quality of Patients with Chronic Pain

Background: to discuss the influence of psychological rehabilitation training on the negative emotions and life quality of patients with chronic pain. Subjects and Methods: 118 patients were selected based on the criteria of having been diagnosed with chronic pain and having been hospitalized from June 2014 to January 2015. These research objects were divided into two groups via the minimum unbalanced index method. The intervention and control groups consisted of 60 and 58 patients Basic treatment and nursing were provided for control group. Intervention group was provided with psychological rehabilitation training on the basis of control group. The depression and anxiety, as well as the life quality of patients in both groups were compared before treatment and three months after treatment (i.e., after treatment). The differences between the scores before and after treatment were calculated as well. Results: the shift in the scores for anxiety, depression and life quality were greater in the intervention group than in the control group. Moreover, the differences were statistically significant (for the anxiety and depression scores, P < 0.001; for the life quality scores, t=2.650 and P=0.009). Conclusions: psychological rehabilitation training can significantly reduce anxiety and depression in patients with chronic pain in addition to improving life quality.

psychological rehabilitation, chronic pain, negative emotion, life quality

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