Volume 25, Issue 1

Thought Control Questionnaire (tcq): Psychometric properties of the portuguese version

The Thought Control Questionnaire (TCQ) assesses the strategies to control intrusive thoughts. In the present study we evaluated the factorial structure using confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) to analyze its reliability. We also analyzed the convergent and divergent validity. A sample of 558 participants from the Portuguese community replied the TCQ, the Revised Intrusions Inventory, the White Bear Suppression Inventory, the Penn State Worry Questionnaire and the Maudsley Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory. The CFA showed that the original five-factor model (Wells and Davies, 1994) produced an acceptable fit. However, fifteen items obtained factor loadings less than .40, whereby its reformulation would be advisable. The TCQ provided adequate levels of reliability and validity.

TCQ, thought control, confirmatory factorial analysis, reliability, validity

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