Volume 25, Issue 2

Intervention Study on the Psychological Health of Chinese Rural Left-Behind Middle School Students with Internet Addiction Disorder by Sunshine Sports

Background: Left-behind children has become a significant social problem. To perform an intervention on the mental health of left-behind middle school students with Internet addiction disorder in rural areas by Sunshine Sports intervention. Method: Random cluster sampling was applied to survey 1897 left-behind middle school students in two rural middle schools in Xiangtan, Hunan from September to December, 2015. A total of 121 left-behind middle school students with IAD were selected as the objects of the intervention study. Randomized and controlled experiments were conducted to carry out Sunshine Sports intervention. The control group included 59 students, and the intervention group consisted of 62 students. The experiment lasted for 12 weeks (5 days per week). Results: The detection rate of IAD is 20.30%, and the IAD rate of the boys is larger than that of the girls; the anxiety and depression scores of the students with IAD are higher than those of students without IAD. Sunshine Sports contributes to promoting the psychological health of leftbehind middle school students with IAD. Conclusions: The mental health of rural left-behind middle school students with IAD can be improved by applying Sunshine Sports intervention.

Sunshine Sports, Internet addiction disorder, psychological health, rural left-behind middle school students

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