Volume 21, Issue 1

Practice of Physical Activity and Anxiety in Women: Environment sociodemographic factors as moderators

Objectives: To determine the profiles of increased risk of anxiety in relation to certain demographic variables. Material and Methods: We studied 200 women from the municipality of Cartagena-Murcia (Spain), aged between 18 and 65. To assess anxiety STAI was used for the practice of physical activity and sociodemographic questionnaire was used ad hoc. We performed a factorial analysis of variance, which was established as the dependent variable anxiety, such as fixedfactor exercise or physical activity and random factors as age, educational level, occupation and children. Results: The profile that characterizes the most vulnerable group of women to show higher anxiety levels: sedentary women, aged 18 to 24, or more than 54 years, no education or secondary education, student, housewife or working for others, and without children. Discussion: The procurement of this profile may be useful for possible intervention policies which enhance the practice of physical activity and other preventive measures.

physical activity, anxiety, women, demographic variables

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