Volume 21, Issue 1

Copper Women: Relational observation of a group of families in exceptional system of working shifts in the region of Antofagasta, Chile

The paper introduces a study with a group of families in the north of Chile; organizing a general observation of the northern family and especially to the effects of the exceptional system of working-shifts in the region of Antofagasta. Describes, according to a relational-systemic observation the modalities of restructuring of the affective spaces of the couple and the parental system as well as the organization of the roles to the interior of the family system, especially when the women are inserted in the working-world. The myths found in these families refer to a belief system that they carry, particularly in these women workers, to assume an attitude of sacrifice in an attempt to comply with expectations linked to their role as mother, wife and homemaker with those of professional achievement. Finally, the economic factor, the quality of life and personal development are the main sources of motivation of families to make women's work leaving open questions about the implications on relational affective aspects, especially those concerned to the spousal role.

three-generation model, great northern, observing relationships, family structure, myths

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