Volume 27, Issue 1

DOI: 10.24205/03276716.2017.1042

Common Errors and Difficulties of Novice Therapists

Exploring the problems that novice therapists face has been neglected as a research topic but it is necessary in order to prevent iatrogenesis and to improve professional training. This investigation, consid- ering both the novice and the expert supervisor's point of view, explored the main mistakes and difficulties of systemic-oriented novice therapists. The most important mistakes detected was: (1 - beliefs and attitude) an omnipotent, or excessively insecure and anxious attitude; (2 - relationship) lack of spontaneity, pushing too fast, and counter-transference mistakes; (3 – technical) problems in diagnosis and co-construction of the main theme for therapy. The most common difficulty was working with unmotivated and uncooperative patients. Results are discussed with their implications for professional training.

Psychotherapy, effectiveness, mistakes, novice therapists

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