Volume 27, Issue 1

DOI: 10.24205/03276716.2018.1046

Perceived Loneliness and Its Association With Personality Types In Spanish Adolescents Consuelo Morán Astorga, José David Urchaga Litago, Dionisio Manga Rodríguez

This study examined the relationship of loneliness with personality types. Participants were 1319 Spanish adolescents (53% women). Several scales to evaluate loneliness, school adaptation, and personality were applied. From a person-centered approach, with the Eysenck´ Junior Personality Questionnaire (EPQ-J), three types were identified (resilient, overcontrolled and undercontrolled) using cluster analysis. ANOVAs showed significant differences between the groups, being the overcontrolled group highest in loneliness. Resilient individuals had the best profile of school adaptation and higher academic performance. Because the overcontrolled group is particularly vulnerable to the perceived loneliness, these adolescents might be considered a priority for early professional intervention.

Loneliness, personality types, adolescents, personality

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