Volume 27, Issue 1

DOI: 10.24205/03276716.2018.1048

Marital Satisfaction and Power Management in Couples: Preventive Health

The objective was to identify which strategies and power styles affect marital satisfaction and dissatisfaction. A total of 104 couples was analyzed with the Marital Satisfaction Inventory and coping strategies and marital power scales. For women, strategies related with dissatisfaction were passive aggressiveness, authoritarianism and undermining; for men they are imposing, dominating and controlling. Those related to marital satisfaction for both were equality-reciprocity, positive affect and sexual satisfaction. Power styles related to dissatisfaction for both were escape-avoidance, in addition to authoritarianism- submissiveness for women. Styles related to satisfaction for both were conciliating, calmness, affection and those that give the partner freedom. Strategies are generated to manage conflicts between couples.

Marital satisfaction, power strategies, power styles, intervention strategies

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