Volume 28, Issue 1

DOI: 10.24205/03276716.2018.1083

Executive functioning, affect and eating self-regulation in eating disorders and obesity

We analyzed executive functioning in mental flexibility, decision making and central coherence of 39 eating disorder (ED) patients (19 restrictive and 20 binge/purging), 21 obese patients and 20 women with normal weight and without eating psychopathology. Moreover, the relationship between executive performance, affect and eating self-regulation was studied. Patients with ED and obesity showed similar executive impairments. Age and intellectual quotient had a significant influence in mental flexibility. All executive measures were related to affect. Mental flexibility and central coherence showed relationship with the expectation of control on intake, and decision making with the urge to eat. Cognitive-emotional remediation, applied in patients with ED, could also be applicable in obesity treatment.

Eating disorders, executive functions, obesity, affect, eating self-regulation.

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