Volume 28, Issue 1

DOI: 10.24205/03276716.2019.1090

The projective reactive ""PRPR"": a new instrument for the study of personal meaning organization

The post-rationalist cognitive model considers that tacit processes are fundamental to the understanding of a Personal Meaning Organization (PMO). The Post-Rationalist Projective Reactive (PRPR) has been developed focusing on the person's narrative. It is a projective instrument consisting of 20 sheets. The researching method has been to supply the instrument to a cohort of 311 subjects (121 men, mean age: 30.25); the consistency of the theoretical construct and effectiveness of PRPR were verified through cluster analysis and convergence. Cluster analysis initially identified 2 main groups of subjects (Inward and Outward) and, successively, four groups corresponding to the descriptions of the PMO. Sinificant convergent validity correlation was found with the results of the Mini Questionnaire of Personal Organization (MQOP, r= .73, p <.001) and clinical interview (r = .88, p <.01). These preliminary results of the first cognitive projective reactive post-rationalist demonstrate that the PRPR identifies the tacit processes of Inward and Outward terms and PMO.

Post-Rationalist Cognitive Psychotherapy, Post-Rationalist Developmental Model, Personal Meaning Organization (PMO), Mini Questionnaire of Personal Organization (MQOP), PostRationalist Projective Reactive (PRPR).

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