Volume 28, Issue 1

DOI: 10.24205/03276716.2019.1091

Metacognitive assessment in psychopathology: the metacognitive abilities questionnaire (MAQ)

Metacognition refers to the set of skills that allow us to know how our mental system works and to think about this experience of knowledge. The objectives of this study were first, to design a selfreport questionnaire to assess metacognitive skills in psychopathology, and secondly, to compare the metacognitive abilities assessed through the new instrument in Spanish and Argentinian participants. Our results indicate that the Metacognitive Abilities Questionnaire (CHM) is a reliable instrument that assesses the two major components of metacognition: knowledge and regulation. Likewise, differences found in the study participants suggest that metacognitive abilities could be related to individuals' age and sociocultural context.

Metacognitive abilities, socio-cultural context, validity, psychopathology.

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