Volume 19, Issue 3

People Resources in Psychotherapy from Psychotherapists Perspective: Exploratory study

The study aims to define the concept of resource, identifying their types and uses in psychotherapy from the perspective of expert psychotherapists. Three methodologies were applied: Group Tasks: Systematic discussion of five expert psychotherapists. Delphi Group: Iterative questionnaires to thirteen expert psychotherapists. Experiential Group: Experiential methodology with twenty-nine psychotherapists. Results: Group Tasks: Patient, therapist, therapy system and context resources were distinguished. Delphi Group: Its definition, identification and operationalization were systematized. Experiential Group: different dimensions of experience were identified. It was conclude that clinicians conceptualize the resources as emerging processes, defining them as relational co-constructions. The resource and the lack are considered complementary dimensions, where the resource is not given states but wellbeing seeking oriented in the context of psychotherapy.

psychotherapy, resources, process, bond

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