Volume 19, Issue 3

Sense of Burden and Coping in Family Caregivers of Patients with Dementia

Objective: Analyze if the coping strategies used by caregivers influence on the sense of burden. Method: An ex post facto multi-causal complex phenomena, cross. The General Information Questionnaire, the Coping Styles and and the Caregiver Burden Interview were administered to 200 caregivers. Results: When the strategies ""Request Information"" and ""Implementation of actions to resolve the problem"" are frecuently used the levels of burden are lower. By contrast, the frecuent used of ""Get emotional"" leads to higher level of burden. Discussion: The results are consistent with other studies that claim that caregiver stress is related to the assessment he made of the situation and resources available to cope them.

coping, burden, caregiver, dementia

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