Volume 19, Issue 3

Relations Betwee n Positive and Negative Variables in a Sample of Argentine Students

The studies that relate various tests that assess positive and negative variables are scarce. This study evaluates differences between optimistic and non optimistic persons, in the negative variables (Depression, Anxiety) and positive variables (Satisfaction with Life, Happiness and Self Esteem). It also relates the perception of having had positive and negative experiences with the test results. The research was conducted with Argentine university students. ANOVA and Scheffé showed significant differences for negative variables. For positive variables were significant differences for Satisfaction with Life, Happiness and Self esteem. It also found a significant relationship between the perception of having had negative and positive experiences with test scores. These results are compared with samples obtained in other Latin American countries. We conclude that it is necessary to explore the use of optimism and other positive variables, studied in recent years, as a tool in psychotherapy, clinical interventions and preventive health.

psychology, optimism, self-esteem, depression, anxiety

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