Volume 19, Issue 3

Validation of the test ""Resources Noologics Here and Now"" for People over 15 years

We analyzed the validity and reliability of the ""Scale of resources noological Here and Now"" which values the selfdistancing and selftranscendence. Under a comparative observational design, transverse and incidental non-random sampling, volunteers took 627 male and female. 28,1% (176) had a history of psychological clinical condition not structural. The scale was subjected to validation of appearance and content, and piloted with 93 people. The scale contains 49 reagents Likert and is qualified by linear transformations to percentage, according to domains (controls) of the items. The internal consistency was Alfa=0,9048 and the validity of construct of the Analysis of principal components with rotation Varimax de Kaiser, gave KMO=0,935, as Measure of sample adequacy and a Test (Proof) of sphericity of Bartlett with p<0,001. The solution of 6 components, Strength/weakness, it Distances/I attach of self, Domain/subjection of self, Immanence/transcendence, Differs/ indifference, and, selfprojection, which they shape the structure of the Resources noologics, as construct consistent with the models logotherapeutics.

logotherapy, resources noologics, resources noetics, psychometric, test validation

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