Volume 19, Issue 3

Psychome tric Study of the Personal Style of the Therapist Questionnaire (PST-Q) in Certified Chilean Therapists

In this article, the psychometric properties of the Personal Style of the Therapist Questionnaire (PST-Q) were analyzed in a sample of 92 certified Chilean therapists. Results of exploratory factor analyses with Promax rotation identified four factor structures which were named ""Emotional Expresivity"", ""Operative-Attentional"", ""Instructional"", and ""Engagement"". The internal consistency with Cronbach alpha coefficients for the factors ranging from 0.64 to 0.79. The factor scores were submitted to hierarchical cluster analysis to determine the appropriate number of clusters. Final cluster membership was determined by K-Means analysis. A two cluster solution was found to be most appropriate. The Cluster 1 was more likely to use Instructional and less likely to use Emotional Expresivity and Engagement than the Cluster 2.

Personal Style of the Therapist Questionnaire, psychometric properties, exploratory factor analyses

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