Volume 19, Issue 1

Areas in which we Base our Self-Esteem and its Influence on Emotional Well-Being: Validation of contingencies of self-worth scale for use in spanish

The Contingencies of Self-Worth Scale (Crocker et al., 2003) was developed to appraise the areas in which individuals may stake their self-worth. This study examines the CSW psychometric properties and structure in 563 Spaniards, as well as their associations with demographic variables and wellbeing measures. Confirmatory Factor Analysis indicated that the original CSW structure was the best fitting model. The domains of Others' Approval, Family Support, Academic Competence, and Appearance were more relevant for women's self-worth. Age was positively related with Religion and negatively with Appearance. Other's approval was associated with emotional discomfort. The scores on the CSW domains obtained by the Spanish sample were compared with the reported by a group of 100 Argentinean, being the Family support slightly more important for the Spaniards.

self-worth contingencies, self-esteem domains, self-esteem, self-worth, well-being and self-esteem

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